Swift Intermodal

As a leader in the transportation industry, Swift Transportation now offers a comprehensive intermodal package available to all of our customers in North America. As we continue our aggressive growth strategy, Swift is committed to building the infrastructure to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for rail capacity. Our 38 terminal network and prevailing market presence is logistically aligned to offer a wealth of applications suitable for all transportation needs. Whether your freight demands require rail/truck service, door-to-door, coast-to-coast, or border-to-border, Swift Intermodal is the simple solution.

  • Unrivaled intermodal leadership
  • Asset-based provider
  • Rates and schedules available through direct relationships with all railroads
  • TOFC intermodal service combines the economy of rail with Swift's over-the-road handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings
  • Access to any of Swift's 48,000 trailers for combined rail/truck TOFC intermodal service to any point in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Stack Train service available for domestic container loads to and from all points in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and offers the best economics in the intermodal industry
  • Swift participates in all major domestic Stack Train programs: EMP, NACS, STAX, and Pacer Stack
  • Dynamic route optimization systems at your disposal to create supply-chain solutions and reduce costs
  • Unparalleled capacity to meet your seasonal demands and surges
  • Creative solutions for difficult to service markets
  • ISO 9002 Certified in all departments
  • A proven track record and commitment to total quality management